Specialists in Personal Injury Law

Across the country, less than 4% of all practicing lawyers are certified by any state certification board or a certification board accredited with the American Bar Association. Only certified attorneys can call themselves specialists or experts in the field, as this requires demonstrated experience, an excellent reputation in the legal community, passing a rigorous exam, and more. Joe and Kevin are personal injury trial specialists certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

John, Joe, and Kevin are board certified personal injury trial and/or civil trial specialists, offering the high-level counsel and representation you can depend on. Additionally, two of our partners are Civil Trial Advocates certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy, known countrywide as leaders in the personal injury field.

When you join forces with Lovell, Lovell, Isern & Farabough, L.L.P., you can be confident that you are working with true legal specialists. Send us an email today at contactus@lovell-law.net or call (806) 731-4614 to see what our dedicated experts may be able to achieve for you.