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A Tribute to Deborah Reeves

Our friend, partner, and colleague Deborah Reeves passed away on Saturday, July 28, 2018. We mourn her loss and celebrate our fortune to have known and worked with her for many years – raising our eyebrows at her frankness, wincing at her salty language, smiling at her cowboy swagger, chuckling uncomfortably at her biting humor, appreciating her forthright advice, honoring her work ethic, respecting her pride, and admiring her courage.

She started out as “Deborah.” I never had the courage to call her “Debbie” or “Deb.” She picked up and eventually embraced the moniker “Deborah The Red.” That eventually became, familiarly -- “The Red.” Mind you, not “Red.” THE Red. “Deborah The Red.” Like a Viking. And that she was.

She loved sports. She was a devoted fan of the Houston Rockets, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, and, fittingly, the Minnesota Vikings. She had a crush on Denzel Washington. So much so that the office, as a joke, gave her a life-sized cutout of Mr. Washington. We assumed she would enjoy the teasing, then throw the rascal out. But as with about most any assumption about The Red, we were wrong. Denzel stayed in her office and faithfully watched her work and helped counsel her clients. It took a while for that handsome guy in The Red’s office not to startle those of us who worked late, early, or on a weekend, but he eventually became just another office-mate.

She was circumspect, but not timid. She was careful, but courageous. She was quiet, but could command a room. She was slender, but not frail. She was strong. She was humble. She was very private.

She made us all better.

Deborah did not draw attention to her struggle. She fought breast cancer for many years with fortitude and grace. She lived her life and fought for her clients in spite of it. She lived with it, against it, and around it, without a word of complaint. Those tiny cells eventually overcame that great, powerful woman, but not her faith in God.

The Red was a tough gal. A great lawyer. And a fine lady.

We will miss her.

Joe L. Lovell

Services for Deborah Reeves will be held on Thursday, August 2, 2018, at 4 PM at St. Mary's Catholic Cathedral, 1200 S. Washington St., Amarillo, Texas. A reception will be held at the church immediately following the services.

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