Stop Sign Accidents Statistics

stop sign accidents statistics

Stop signs are meant to prevent crashes at intersections, crossroads, and four-way stops. When all drivers follow the stop sign rules, traffic is well-maintained and stays safe for all drivers and pedestrians. When drivers fail to stop at a stop sign, or do not yield to the correct driver, they may cause devastating car accidents that can be fatal. Sadly, in Texas stop sign accidents are all too common and injure thousands of people each year. When a driver fails to stop for a traffic control device like a stop sign or traffic light, the results can be deadly. How many stop sign car accidents occur in Texas?

The Texas statistics from the Texas Department of Transportation in 2019 reveal there were over 42,000 stop-sign-related accidents in the state during 2019. Of those car crashes, 13,422 were caused by drivers disregarding or running through a stop sign or stop light. Ninety people were killed in these motor vehicle accidents because a driver either did not see the stop sign, was driving while distracted and did not stop, or purposely ran through the stop sign. Even when drivers do stop for a brief moment, they may not yield to the correct vehicle, which can cause serious collisions. In 2019, 28,955 Texas car crashes were caused by drivers who failed to yield the right of way at a stop sign, including 119 fatalities. When a driver fails to stop at the correct place when stopping at a stop sign, they can also cause accidents. If their car is sticking out into an intersection, they may block the road. There were 2,980 car crashes caused by vehicles that failed to stop in the correct place at an intersection in Texas during 2019.

What causes drivers to run stop signs, fail to yield to the proper vehicle, or stop in the incorrect place? Observational studies have found many common causes for running stop signs, including:


When a driver is speeding, they are not able to stop as quickly as they normally would when driving the speed limit. This can make it much more difficult to stop at a stop sign. A speeding driver may choose to blow through a stop sign instead of stopping, perform a rolling stop where they just slow down a little bit but then keep going without fully stopping, or fail to stop in the proper place for the intersection leaving their car in the middle of oncoming traffic. Ignoring a traffic safety device and going above the speed limit can combine to create the perfect scenario for stop sign accidents.

Drunk or Fatigued Driving

A driver who is impaired by alcohol and/or drugs, or who is extremely fatigued, is not fit to operate a car. While impaired, drivers are unable to react to changes in the road ahead and can quickly make mistakes including running through a stop sign. Drunk and fatigued driving cause severe car accidents that leave victims injured or even killed.

Rushing to a Destination

Everyone has been in a hurry to get to a destination at some point while driving. This does not mean it is acceptable to run through a stop sign out of impatience, frustration with traffic, or because you are late for work or an appointment. Rushing to a destination is one of the main causes for drivers to do a rolling-stop at a stop sign, which can lead to traffic collisions. All drivers must follow stop sign rules, even if they are running late.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving has been on the rise for the past decade in Texas. Many severe car crashes are caused every year by drivers who are looking down at their phones, eating or drinking, reaching for objects, paying attention to children or other riders, and more. Distracted drivers may not even know they are approaching a stop sign until it is too late. If they have not slowed down, an accident can occur that can seriously injure or kill the driver, riders, and other victims.

Aggressive Driving

Road rage is common on Texas highways, as many drivers are impatient with others on the road. If a driver feels as though other vehicles around them are too slow or are in their way, that driver may ignore a stop sign just to get ahead of the vehicles around them. Aggressive driving is very dangerous and can lead to devastating crashes.

Stop Sign Obstruction

In some neighborhoods, stop signs may be harder to see because of trees, bushes, buildings, bus stops, or other obstructions. Some drivers who are not familiar with the area may not see the stop sign and can accidentally run through the intersection causing an accident. It is the responsibility of either the property owner or the local government to ensure stop signs are visible to drivers. If an obstruction caused a stop-sign-related accident, the victims may have a legal case against the property owner or government entity that controls that area.

Unfortunately, just because a stop sign is present at an intersection does not mean all drivers will comply with it. It is critical for all drivers to be fully aware of their surroundings on the road, drive safely, and keep a good distance away from drivers who are engaging in negligent or unsafe behaviors.

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