Type of Case: Multi-Truck Collision

Summary: A multi-truck collision occurred after one truck pulled onto the highway at a slow rate of speed in the fog while a second truck driver talked on his cell phone. A catastrophic collision occurred resulting in one death and permanent debilitating injuries to the passenger car driver.

Result: Confidential Settlement

Type of Case: Firework Injury

Summary: A manufacturer built a firework missile that failed consumer safety tests, but the manufacturer sold the missile anyway. The missile put out the eye of a minor child after it was lit by an adult from a very safe distance.

Result: $2.25 million

Type of Case: Truck Collision/Wrongful Death

Summary: A drunk truck driver killed a husband and father of three minor children. We helped secure the family’s financial future. The district attorney prosecuted the driver who pled guilty to criminally negligent homicide and was sentenced to prison.

Result: $1.7 million

Type of Case: Truck Collision/Wrongful Death

Summary: A trainee driver with his supervisor asleep in the sleeper ran into the back of a grain truck killing a husband and a father of two children.

Result: Confidential Settlement

Type of Case: Industrial Accident

Summary: The worker got an arm caught in an unguarded conveyor system that had been put online. The worker had de-gloving injuries, compound fractures, and permanent disability from the incident.

Result: Confidential Settlement

Type of Case: Gas Pipeline Explosion

Summary: Two irrigation workers were repairing a water line when a live gas line, that was supposed to be shut off, exploded in close proximity to the men. Both workers sustained burns over 30% of their body.

Result: $1.1 million

Type of Case: Truck Collision / Wrongful Death

Summary: This was a rear-end truck collision that caused the death of a retired cattleman leaving a widow and no children.

Result: Confidential Settlement

Type of Case: Burn Injury and Death

Summary: A volunteer fireman died after sustaining second and third degree burns over 45% of his body. The fire started from negligent design and maintenance of a high power electrical line. The fireman left a wife and three daughters.

Result: Confidential Settlement

Type of Case: Refinery Explosion / Wrongful Death

Summary: An employee who died of burns from an oil refinery explosion. The employer was found grossly negligent after evidence showed management ignored reports that a check valve was faulty.

Result: $42.5 million

Type of Case: Wrongful Termination

Summary: A former employee sued his employer for wrongful termination. The employee claimed he was fired for refusing to perform an illegal act. The jury returned a verdict of $800K in actual damages and $10M in punitive damages.

Result: $10.8 million

Type of Case: Medical Malpractice / Product Liability

Summary: Multiple attempts to repair aortic coarctation on a minor child by elective surgery in non-pediatric facility with excessive cross-clamp times and air embolism from cell-saver device. This surgical disaster caused the child to be left paraplegic from the waist down.

Result: $1.54 million + Confidential Amount

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